How to Exercise When You Don't Like Working Out

Working out doesn't need to feel like one more thing to cross off your to-do list.

But forcing yourself into an exercise routine you can barely tolerate, let alone find joy in, isn't sustainable.

But by adapting your workouts to your preferences, and changing the way you view exercise, you just might have fun getting fit.

Resistance exercises for people who don't like lifting weights : Resistance or strength training and keeping your body strong is an important part of our physical health, especially as we age.

It's often associated with bulky weight racks at the gym, but as far as strength or weight training goes, you don't need anything in your hands.

For a strength workout using only your body (which sounds quite powerful, by the way), add resistance by placing your body at different angles

Finding cardio if you hate running One way is to realize that running isn't necessary for cardio.

Dancing around your house can be just as healthy as long as you get your heart pumping.

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