Top 10 Highest Paid CEO in the World 2022

Ever wonder how much the CEOs of the top companies make? Well, wonder no more!

Corporate data company, Equilar, maintains a database of CEO compensation and I’ve pulled out the top 10 biggest paydays of 2022.

10. Satya Narayan Nadella Satya Narayan Nadella is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Microsoft.

Under him, Microsoft has more cloud computing revenue than Google, more customers than Netflix, and a near trillion-dollar market cap.

9. Robert Swan Robert H. Swan serves as the company’s chief executive officer and director.

Mr. Swan is the Director and CEO of Intel since January 2019 Since October 2016 in his capacity as CFO.

He has overseen Intel’s global finance organization, including financial accounting and tax reporting, Treasury, internal audit and investor relations IT, Intel Capital, and corporate strategy The Office.

8. Joseph Ianniello Proxy season is upon us as ViacomCBS said on Friday that former CBS CEO Joe Ianniello earned $125 million for 2019.

The figure includes $84 million for changes to their employment agreements with the company last year.