Best Professional Computer Courses After 12th

Best Top 10 Professional Computer Courses After 12th Arts & 12th commerce: Technology and IT sector over the last few years and India’s present status as a software superpower, a job as a technology professional in the IT sector is among the most preferred career options for the youth.

For Student who was not possible to ahead study or studying without a job for family responsibility, it’s best ideas to make a career in Computer Courses After 12th

Best Professional Computer Courses After 12th

Computer Courses After 12th are short-term courses have a duration of between 3-6 months or less, depending on the type of course. On the successful completion of Courses, every student is awarded a diploma or certification. and Providing Plateform to start Jobs in a very short time.

So here’s we are Providing Best Top 10 Professional Computer Courses After 12th that you can consider pursuing to prepare yourself for a rewarding career.

List of Best Top 10 Computer Courses after 12th Arts & commerce

1. Data Entry Operator Course

Many people dream of becoming a data entry operator. In the data entry operators, both career and salary are attracting the younger generation and you do not even need a very large degree to become a data entry operator.

You can apply for a data entry job after 12 classes and if you want to study further after 12 classes, then you can also do a part-time job in it. With this, you can easily spend your studies. You do not even need to go anywhere to do this work.

After coming from college or school, you can do this work at your home even after doing your school or college homework. For this, you do not need anything more, you need a laptop or computer. If you have one of these two, whether it is a laptop or computer, then you can earn money sitting at home.

The duration for this course is three to six months but may vary from institute to institute. Also, Job Options here include;

  • Data Entry Operator (Fulltime)
  • Freelance Data Entry Operator (Online)

2. MS Office Certification Program

MS Office Certification Program course is better known as MS Office is undoubtedly one of the most used software on computers, courtesy of its wide range of user-friendly apps that the renowned MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc.

Clear a specific Office program exam to earn a Microsoft Office Specialist certification.

Also, MS office classes offered by the top best online learning websites like Udemy, LinkedIn, Coursera, and more.

Microsoft Office training is to help you develop your technical skills and further your career for the best job. This course is 3-6 months long after 12th trains students in using the more advanced features and aspects of these popular applications, making them eligible for related jobs.

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3. Animation & VFX

As mature individuals, we have taken several decisions in our life. Out of those, choosing a right career option is one of the most important decisions for the students after finishing their 12th. There are a number of career choices available for the students to choose and they can go with their likes and preferences. In this post, we will discuss animation as a career option or animation course after 12th.

Most cities in India provide diploma courses after 12th in the field of Animation & VFX with a duration of six months to 2 years.

You may be well suited for this particular course:

  • Freelance VFX Professional
  • VFX Expert
  • Film Animation Expert
  • Visual Effects Expert
  • Trainer
  • Creative Head

4. Web Designing & Development

First of all, we will know what is a web developer? Web developers call him who builds websites, prepares databases, web-based software, domain hosting management.

Friends website is also created by coding. For example, you are getting all the information in this blog that you are reading, but how this website works is all done by coding it. The web developer is preparing the coding portion of the website.

Whatever process is thereby showing search results in the website Google and sending information to you, it is done by coding. How the website will look at How the website will work All this stuff is decided by coding.

Some of the Best employment options Also, available that you could consider including-

  • Independent Web designer
  • Web designer (with Agencies/Corporates/MNCs)
  • Web Developer
  • UEX Designer
  • Graphics Designer

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5. Digital Marketing

Marketing is nothing but the process of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Integrated marketing services used to attract, engage, and convert online customers are known as “digital marketing”. While surfing the net, you will often see those beautiful banner ads, videos, informative blog posts keep coming, which are only part of digital marketing. This is calling digital marketing.

In other words, Digital marketing is done through the internet, computer, and electronic media. Through digital marketing, the company can reach its target customer in a very short time by marketing the product. Which is also calling online marketing.

This course can be useful for those looking to their own brand, run an independent business, or start an online business field.

  • Digital Marketer (independent)
  • Digital Marketing professional (work for agencies)
  • Online Brand Management professional
  • Social Media Manager
  • SEO professional (independent/ fulltime)
  • SEO consultant (independent/fulltime)
  • Digital Marketing instructor

6. Graphic Designing

The main job of a graphic designer is to present his idea in the best way through words, images, and graphic design. He communicates his message to the public using very short but affecting words. A graphic designer creates graphic designs for newspapers, magazines, corporate reports, journals, and Also publications. Their main task is to create graphic designs keeping in mind their target audience, which will affect the people of that category.

After completion course a student has the option to pursue several careers related to design which include the below;

  • Graphics designer (independent/Freelance)
  • Corporate/Agency Graphics designer
  • Brand & Visual Identity manager
  • Printing specialist
  • Creative director
  • Graphic designer (with online magazines/websites/media/publishing firms)

7. CADD (Computer-Aided Design & Drafting)

Computer-Aided Design & Drafting computer course is better suited for students with an ITI, Technical and Also, Engineering background. In fact, it’s ideally suited for engineering students from streams like electrical, mechanical, Production, industrial, or civil engineering.

However 12th pass students with an ITI OR Technical bent of mind will also find this course useful in terms of gaining new skill sets.

However, computer-aided design and drafting (CADD) Certificate courses in teach drafting techniques used mainly in the engineering and architecture domains.

Popular career choices for CADD professionals include;

  • Civil Drafters
  • Mechanical Drafters
  • Architectural Drafters

8. Mobile Application Development

Mobile developers are a type of software developer. They specialize in mobile technology such as building apps for Google’s Android, Apple’s iOS, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone platforms.

In addition, Mobile Application Developers are all in high demand, and as the world adopts more and more technology, this demand will rise. So is mobile app development a good career? The short answer, YES! From job security and job growth stand-point, it’s one of the best careers you can possibly imagine.

  • Application designer
  • User Interface designer
  • Application developer
  • Entrepreneur
  • App tester

9. Computer Hardware Repairing/ Maintenance

Computer hardware repair course is one of the most popular professional courses in India. In other words, there are certification programs providing by many companies. The computer engineering industry will grow further. So, joining such a course will take your career to the next level.

For those also on networking, there are also courses available that include topics related to both hardware and networking. Possible job options here include;

  • Computer Engineer (with a hardware company)
  • Computer service technician
  • Hardware & Networking Executive

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10. Tally

tally is a popular accounting software in the world created by an Indian multinational company Tally solution Pvt ltd. It is using to maintain the accounts of a firm or company computer courses after 12th commerce.

Accounting Software is needed to keep track of the business of the company, because now in this digital era, no work is manual, all the work is done with the help of computers and Tally Software is the best for this task.

Today Tally Software is used not only in India but in many countries of the world. A tally is accounting software used in small and small industries not only in India but in almost 100 countries of the world, whose purpose is to make every person happy. Is associated with Tally Computer Courses After 12th.

In Conclusion:

In conclusion, We are trying to introduce here a List of Best Top 10 Computer Courses after 12th for You. Before the selection of any courses, check all details regarding issues like – the institute’s recognition status, fee structure, subjects covered, quality of the faculty, and labs.

After that, If Any suggestions regarding the above post and any questions about the above courses tell us through comments. Also, welcome your ideas for trending Best Professional Computer Courses after 12th Arts & 12th commerce.

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